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Welcome to The V.I.S.I.O.N.S. Program!


Our 8-week online course uses the concepts, tools, and exercises that have proven time and again to create a meaningful change in our clients’ lives and ultimately propel them to success!

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The V.I.S.I.O.N.S. Program is a self-paced, research-based program, designed to benefit anyone, especially: 

  • High school seniors and college students seeking a comprehensive personal development program
  • Staff who would benefit from self-care and investment in their own mental well-being
  •  Clients seeking structure and added support in outpatient treatment or upon discharge from inpatient treatment settings

The V.I.S.I.O.N.S. Program

can be completed in two ways:


  • An online format best for individuals with busy schedules who would like to complete the program in their own time.
  • This option does not include individual or group coaching.

Group Cohort

  • An online format with weekly group Zoom meetings with a TS coach to process the weekly material, move through guided exercises, find community, and receive any additional support.

What current clients are saying about

The V.I.S.I.O.N.S. Program

“I really like how it takes me back somewhat, and has me taking a look into the past to solve or work on issues in the present time.

- D.C.

It has helped me overcome some past experiences that I have kept bottled up, including past emotions, shyness and lack of self esteem. I am able to start looking at myself differently!”

- A.B.

This program has allowed me to revisit my goals and study myself more. It has improved my discipline.



“I wanted something for staff that would help them further develop and really bring their ability, life, and skills to the next level. I had looked for a while, but everything seemed to be so cookie cutter. After finally discovering visions, I worked with Seth and his team to determine what would work best for our team. Visions was extremely powerful for our staff; each of them significantly benefited from each and every component. We are extremely thrilled for making an investment that will in turn provide so much.

- Sarah Huggins Scarbrough, PhD
Director and Founder


Our Coaches


With years of clinical and client experience, our team of coaches has the knowledge and skillset to assist, encourage, and motivate you on your path towards success.


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For additional services that Transformational Solutions provides such as 1:1 life coaching, group facilitation, case management, and sober companionship, please contact us or visit our website at www.transformationalsolutions.com

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